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Section 1 Understanding business activity 理解商业活动

1 Business activity商业活动

2 Classification of business商业分类

3 Enterprise,business growth and size企业,业务增长和规模

4 Types of business organisation商业组织类型

5 Business objectives and stakeholder objectives商业目标和利益体目标

Understanding business activity:end of section case study (Paper 2 style)案例研究

Section 2 People in business 商业中的角色

6 Motivating workers员工激励

7 Organisation and management组织和管理

8 Recruitment,selection and training of workers员工招聘、选拔和培训

9 Internal and external communication内外部交流

People in business:end of section case study (Paper 2 style)案例研究

Section 3 Marketing 市场营销

10 Marketing,competition and the customer市场营销、竞争和客户

11 Market research市场调研

12 The marketing mix:product营销组合:产品

13 The marketing mix:price营销组合:价格

14 The marketing mix:promotion and technology in marketing营销组合:市场推广及技术

15 The marketing mix:place营销组合:分销

16 Marketing strategy营销策略

Marketing:end of section case study (Paper 2 style)案例研究

Section 4 Operations management第四部分 运营管理

17 Production of goods and services商品和服务的生产

18 Costs,scale of production and break-even analysis成本、生产规模和盈亏平衡分析

19 Achieving quality production实现质量生产

20 Location decision选址决策

Operation management:end of section case study (Paper 2 style)案例研究

Section 5 Financial information and financial decisions 财务信息和财务决策

21 Business finance:needs and sources企业财务:需求与来源

22 Cash flow forecasting and working capital现金流量预测与运营资本

23 Income statements损益表

24 Balance sheets资产负债表

25 Analysis of accounts账目分析

Financial information and financial decisions:end of section case study (Paper 2 style)案例研究

Section 6 External influences on business activity 商业活动的外部影响

26 Government economic objectives and policies政府的经济目标和政策

27 Environmental and ethical issues环境及道德问题

28 Business and the international economy商业和国际经济


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