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Every day, countless new articles, videos and blogs are uploaded to the Internet. Most of these languish in relative obscurity. But a few go viral: they explode across the web, attracting the attention of hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of people in short order.

Content that goes viral may remain in the public consciousness for days, weeks, or longer. So for those who want to reach a large audience—whether it's for a corporate marketing campaign or to promote a personal cause or to show the world your cat's amazing yodeling ability—the question of what makes content go viral online is important.


In our research, two of us (Milkman and Berger) have explored what it is that makes some content spread like wildfire and whether it's possible to deliberately achieve viral status. If so, what are the characteristics of viral content?


We examined what content on the New York Times' homepage is most widely shared, and what scientific research summaries are most likely to be passed along and found that viral content tends to be characterized by certain, predictable qualities .

While content may be shared for many reasons, overall, content that elicits an emotional reaction tends to be more widely shared. In addition, stories stimulating positive emotions are more widely shared than those eliciting negative feelings, and content that produces greater emotional arousal (making your heart race) is more likely to go viral.

This means that content that makes readers or viewers feel a positive emotion like awe or wonder is more likely to take off online than content that makes people feel sad or angry, though causing some emotion is far better than inspiring none at all.


The underlind word "qualities" most nearly means _____












答案:A 解析: Choice A is the best answer. The authors state that they found that "viral content tends to be characterized by certain, predictable qualities." In this context, "qualities" most nearly means "attributes," or features. The authors mean that viral content often has particular attributes.



critical['kritikəl]adj. 批评的,决定性的,危险的,挑剔的


consciousness['kɔnʃəsnis]n. 意识,知觉,自觉,觉悟


overall[əuvə'rɔ:l]adj. 全部的,全体的,一切在内的 adv.


awe[ɔ:]n. 敬畏,恐惧 vt. 使敬畏或惊惧 emotional[i'məuʃənl]adj. 感情的,情绪的


particular[pə'tikjulə]adj. 特殊的,特别的,特定的,挑剔的


explode[iks'pləud]vt. 爆炸,驳倒vi. 爆炸,爆发(感情) predictable[pri'diktəbl]adj. 可预知的


viral['vairəl]adj. 滤过性毒菌的,滤过性毒菌引起的 reaction[ri'ækʃən]n. 反应,反作用力,化学反应



对文本信息的考察,包括1文本细节的考查 2文本论据的考查 3文本传达信息的考查


对作者写作技能的考察,包括1.单词/词组/句子功能题 2.文本结构题 3.观点态度题 4.目的题 5.论证题 6.综合题,包括1.双篇题2.图表题








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