HSPT vs ISEE,两个考试之间有哪些区别呢

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The HSPT is a placement test kids take when they are applying to a catholic high school. The HSPT stands for High School Placement Test. When you take the HSPT you will take five separate sections, Verbal Skills, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading, Mathematics, and Language Skills.

     You are given a certain amount of time for each section. At St.Philips we used to take the ITBS to see what knowledge we have and remember from our prior years. The HSPT is very similar to the ITBS since you are taking your test and recording your answers on a scantron.

     Also the HSPT has questions on things that we have already learned. The HSPT can qualify you for a scholarship at the school that you are applying too. Overall the HSPT is not that hard and is just a test so the high schools can get an idea of the knowledge you have.



The ISEE is a placement test for kids entering independent schools. ISEE stands for independent school entrance exam. The ISEE has the same sections as the HSPT. Most people will tell you that the ISEE is more difficult than the HSPT but when we took the ISEE we thought it was much easier.

     The thing that really made a difference was for example the HSPT has you answer 60 questions in 35 minutes and the ISEE has you answer 37 questions in 35 minutes. Although I did get my score back for ISEE which I took after my HSPT and I have still not recieved my HSPT scores.

     In the ISEE you have each section scored on its own instead of one big score. Although both tests can help you qualify for a merit scholarship.















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