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  IGCSE英语第二语言(ESL)课程是一门非常重要、对我们未来影响深远的一门学科,很多英国大学甚至会接受IGCSE ESL考试成绩代替雅思作为英语语言能力的证明。在IGCSE英语考试中,IGCSE英语口语考试是很多同学的一大难关。下面A+国际教育小编就为大家讲解IGCSE英语口语考试内容、形式等相关情况,来帮助大家做好考试准备。

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  Part 1:Introductory interview with student(2–3m)暖场

  The interlocutor introduces him/herself and asks the student a set of simple introductory questions.These questions are centred on a familiar topic,such as home or leisure,and the interlocutor works from a set of prompt questions provided by Edexcel.

  Part 2:Student talk(1m preparation,plus a talk of 1–2m)交谈

  The interlocutor gives the student a task card containing a topic,some bullet points to stimulate ideas,and a question relating to the topic.The student is also given some paper and a pen to make notes if they wish.

  The student has one minute in which to prepare for the talk,during which they may make notes.These notes are collected by the interlocutor at the end of the test and destroyed at the end of the testing day by the centre.They are not assessed.

  The student is then asked to talk about the given topic.The talk should last no more than two minutes.The student does not need to address all the bullet points,but they are expected to address the specific question on the task card in the allotted time.

  Part 3:Extended discussion(maximum 5m)话题延伸

  The interlocutor will lead the student into an extended discussion on the presentation topic used in Part 2.The interlocutor will ask questions that start with the more familiar and everyday contexts,and then,with more able students,move on to questions on abstract themes related to the chosen topic.


  Part 1:Introductory interview with student(2–3m)暖场

  What form of transport do you and your family usually use?

  What do you like about it?

  Is there anything you dislike about it?(Why is that?)

  What form of transport do you prefer to use for long journeys,for example when you go on

  holiday?(Why is that?)

  Part 2:Student talk(1m preparation,plus a talk of 1–2m)交谈

  Which city in your country would you prefer to live in and why?


  Places of Interest




  Part 3:Extended discussion(5m)话题延伸

  What are some of the differences between living in a city

  If you had a choice between living in a city or in the countryside,where would you live?

  (Why is that?)

  Which type of person would find it easy living in a city/in the countryside?(Why is that?)

  What makes a city unpleasant to live in?(Tell me about that.)

  Why can living in the city be dangerous sometimes?

  How can we overcome the difficulties of living in cities?

  Why do so many people choose to live in large cities?

  What impact does living in a very large city have on people?(Why is that?)

  What do you think cities of the future will be like?(Tell me about that.)






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