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Describe a good law in your country.

You should say:

What it is

How youknow it

Who are affected

And explain why it is good


是的,你没有看错,问的是你们国家好的法律,相信不少学生看到这道题整个人是懵的,对于法律不能说一无所知,但是真让描述个法律,相信很多学生还是哑火的,其实,本题在14,16和17年确实都做过,当时给学生们也准备过相应的素材,包括我们国家特有的“单双号限行” even-odd numbered license restriction;酒驾的法律  drunk driving laws;对于最后两个问题我们来看看下面的sample,看看对你有没有什么启发。





I think quite a lot of people are affected by this law but in a good way. As people in my country love to go out, to dine out with friends and when they do so they like to enjoy a few drinks with their meal. So as more and more people starting buying their own cars, the instances of drink driving went up quite quickly and it became quite a problem. A lot of accidents were caused because drivers had been drinking over dinner.



Personally I believe it’s a really good law as it protects everyone. The people who drink with their friends at dinner are now less likely to drive (because they know the risks and penalties) so they’re less likely to be involved in accidents, which is good for them obviously. At the same time, it’s good for the general public because more often than not, accidents caused by drink driving involve innocent bystanders and I think this is the main thing, the general public and pedestrians are made safer by this law.



Describe an experience that you were scared.

You should say:

When it was

Where it was

Why you felt scared

And explain how you felt about it


刚看到这个题还是有点吃惊的,但是气定神闲,其实无非也是经历类的练习,我们课上也解析过,Overexcited之后,更大的刺激可能就是Scared了,所以像鬼屋  haunted houses比较好说,而跳伞Skydiving类的,关键点就是,如何让Overexcited更刺激呢,无非就是在过程中出现一些小的意外,对于新手的你,产生了恐惧,而最后当然是被技术娴熟的技师帮你搞定了,所以,看似变化很大的题,其实本质还是没有变的。





We decided to give it a try and to be honest,  we didn’t expect it to be that scary, but actually it was really frightening in fact I’d say it was absolutely terrifying. We had to walk through the house room by room and there were waxwork models of really creepy things like vampires, zombies. The reason why we were badly scared was because of the sounds being played through speakers in each room. Those sounds were like screams and shrieks; they were more frightening than the models.  





Describe a situation if someone gave you money as a gift

You should say:

When it was

Who gave you

What you did

And explain how you felt about it



Describe an important stage that a plant grows

You should say:

What it is

When it happens

How it grows in this stage

And explain why it is important for a plant



Describe a time that you had some medicine

You should say:

When it happened

Who gave it to you

Why you had it

And explain how you felt about it



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